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A few of my friends were asking how to make my computer faster. This video tells you the way that works for me. If you havn’t ever defragmented your computer, that will speed it up a lot faster. You don’t download anything, it’s just on your computer.

If you want a really fast computer though, next time you buy one buy an XPS720 or better (XPS Has really great cooling system) and make sure it’s 2 Dual Core Duo. 2 Processors runs very fast, and very VERY little games lag.

Video cannot be downloaded yet, Mediafire has been screwing up for some reason.


This vidoe shows some gameplay of the Wii game Endless Ocean. The video shows a little about what you can do when you advance through the game. It’s not a game like Halo, or Call of Duty, it’s more like a scooba diving no timed simulation. I like to think of it as a relaxation RPG.

This video cannot be downloaded, it is over 200 megabytes because it was published with Pinnacle Studio Quickstart and Mediafire does not allow over 100 megabytes.


I was looking through my videos and decided to add this, because people say it’s a bad game and for 5 year olds. Well maybe it is but I like it! This map is Volcano, and the game is on the Xbox 360. You unlock the Multiplayer Map Volcano by doing Championship.

This video cannot be downloaded because it was one of my older videos, so sorry.


Here is some gameplay of the very unknown game Blockland. It is a very fun game, it’s like building LEGOs online, you just have unlimited legos =P

To download the demo, go to To download the full version, go there and pay $20 US. I will NOT give you my auth key, because then I can’t play, you can’t either. Just pay the $20.

Download video in much better quality!


It’s not entirely a release, my website has been out for a while now but my website is no longer a beta. It’s just a blog! I’ve finnaly gotten used to WordPress, so now anything that I really need will be put up here in a MUCH more organized way than YouTube.

The downloads are no longer beta either, just click on the link and download the video!


YES! I know I havn’t talked about them yet but I am finnaly going to be releasing downloadable content on my website! Now, of course I’m not going to UPLOAD them on the website. 3 gig will last me for a VERY VERY VERY short time.

The downloads will include:

Microsoft Word Game Guides

The downloading will be hosted at I will make a link, you just click on it and download the file!

Videos – Better quality than YouTube provides (Size: 50 – 99 megabytes at max)
Microsoft Word Game Guides – Very VERY VERY low file sizes, and they include written guides to games. These will not be as common as videos because they are a little harder to write and getting pictures takes a while, so do not expect these very often.

Well that’s about it! I am going to make multiple download pages so you just find what you want! The pages will be organized in Game Titles, to find it just press CTRL + F and then type the game that you think I might have. Find the link RIGHT UNDER THAT GAME TITLE/ TITLE PART, and then download it.


Hi! This site is currently a BETA website, not exaclty sure how it will turn out but I will do my best to keep it as active as I can!

I WILL be embedding videos from my YouTube account that I created, I probably won’t embed ones that aren’t mine because I don’t like doing that.

I play a variety of games, some I will never play (Like FEAR) and some that I will play but not make videos of. I will put updates on this front page of the walkthroughs I have uploaded. I might also put videos here of some of the recent ones that I have uploaded.

Please notice that this site is currently being BUILT, so it will NOT be very active YET.